Schedule & Results, 2017-2018 Winter Classic, 2017-2018 (K-W Water Polo)

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Saturday, December 02, 2017
14UBoys018:30 AMDiving Mavericks Black 14-7Shadow Lions
14UBoys028:30 AMSlide Mavericks Red 12-3Ottawa Titans
14UBoys039:20 AMDiving Mavericks White 10-5Hamilton
14UBoys049:20 AMSlide Guelph 7-11Golden Jets
12U-DivA0510:10 AMDiving KW Black 8-8Hamilton
12U-DivB0610:10 AMSlide Mavericks Colts 4-8Shadow
14UGirls0710:50 AMDiving Hamilton 1-11KW
12U-DivA0810:50 AMSlide South West 1-14KW Red
14UGirls1011:30 AMSlide Mavericks 14-1Ottawa Titans
14UBoys0911:40 AMDiving Shadow Lions 9-8Mavericks White
14UBoys1212:20 PMSlide Mavericks Red 5-4KW
14UBoys1112:30 PMDiving Hamilton 7-15Golden Jets
14UBoys141:10 PMSlide Ottawa Titans 11-4Guelph
12U-DivA131:20 PMDiving KW Black 13-5South West
12U-DivA152:00 PMDiving Hamilton 3-9KW Red
12U-DivB162:00 PMSlide Mavericks Colts 10-6Mavericks Mustangs
14UGirls172:40 PMDiving Mavericks 19-0Hamilton
14UGirls182:40 PMSlide Ottawa Titans 5-14KW
14UBoys193:30 PMDiving Mavericks Black 19-7Hamilton
14UBoys203:30 PMSlide Ottawa Titans 8-9KW
14UBoys214:20 PMDiving Mavericks White 11-8Guelph
14UBoys224:20 PMSlide Mavericks Red 9-7Golden Jets
12U-DivB235:10 PMDiving Shadow 15-3Mavericks Mustangs
12U-DivA245:10 PMSlide Hamilton 12-9South West
Sunday, December 03, 2017
14UBoys258:30 AMDiving KW 11-8Hamilton
14UBoys268:30 AMSlide Mavericks Black 21-10Shadow Lions
12U-DivA279:20 AMDiving KW Black 5-5KW Red
12U-DivB289:20 AMSlide Mavericks Colts 7-11Shadow
14UBoys2910:00 AMDiving Shadow Lions 9-7Ottawa Titans
14UBoys3010:00 AMSlide Mavericks Red 16-2Guelph
14UBoys3110:50 AMDiving Golden Jets 9-9KW
12U-DivC3210:50 AMSlide A-4 South West 0-18Mavericks Mustangs
14UBoys3411:30 AMSlide Mavericks Black 15-11Mavericks White
14UGirls3311:40 AMDiving Ottawa Titans 12-3Hamilton
14UGirls3612:20 PMSlide Mavericks 8-5KW
12UFinals3512:30 PMDiving A-3 Hamilton 4-12B-3 Mavericks Mustangs
14UBFinals371:10 PMDiving 5th placed Shadow Lions 13-106th placed Mavs White
14UBFinals381:10 PMSlide 7th placed Ottawa Titans 11-108th placed Guelph
14UBFinals392:00 PMDiving 1st placed Mavs Red 10-152nd placed Mavs Black
14UBFinals402:00 PMSlide 3rd placed KW 8-94th placed Toronto Jets
14UGFinals412:50 PMDiving 1st placed Mavericks 5-12nd placed KW
14UGFinals422:50 PMSlide 3rd placed Ottawa Titans 13-04th placed Hamilton
12UFinals433:40 PMDiving A-1 KW Red 2-13B-1 Shadow
12UFinals443:40 PMSlide A-2 KW Black 2-11B-2 Mavericks Colts
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