Tournament Accounts (K-W Water Polo)

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Tournament accounts streamline the procedure for collecting fees for tournaments.

The team manager submits a list of the players who were invited by the coach to attend each tournament to the treasurer and the treasurer then reduces the tournament account of each player by the per player cost of the tournament. Players must inform the coach and team manager via email if they are not able to attend the tournament at least 7 days before the tournament begins in order to avoid having the tournament cost deducted from their account.

Any unused amount will be refunded at the end of the season, however, if the team attends more tournaments than anticipated, additional funds will be requested for deposit into the tournament account. Account balances may be requested from the treasurer.

Families are responsible for their player's share of all tournaments attended, regardless of playing time. If a player is invited to play in a tournament above their division, they are responsible for their share of these fees also.

Tournament costs are calculated as follows:

(Tournament Fee + Coaches' per Diem + Coaches' Travel Expenses)

divided by

Number of players attending tournament