Fees and Registration (K-W Water Polo)

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Our goal is to complete the registration process electronically this year as well. If in-person registration is set up, an all members email will be sent and this page will be updated. Contact our Registrar with questions by emailing [email protected].

Jr Kraken 9U, 11U, 13U to 19U - Fees for Our Programs


Team Proposed
23/24 Membership
Fees Account
2023/2024 Fees Payment Method  Total
9U Co-ed $300 To be determined    $300/session**  Lump Sum   $300 Fall Session
$300 Winter Session
11U Co-ed $350 To be determined   $350/session** Lump Sum   $350 Fall Session
$350 Winter Session
13U Co-ed $1300 $1000 $1300 Lump Sum or
50/50 (Oct/Jan)

$1950 $1000
(includes OPL
and NCL fees)
$1950 Lump Sum or
50/50 (Oct/Jan)
$1950  NCL fees paid to South Central Stingrays  $1950***   Lump Sum or
50/50 (Oct/Jan)
**Jr Kraken 9U fees: $300/session, 11U fees: $350/session, 2 Sessions -Fall: Sept-Dec -Winter: Jan-Apr
***1) Any player registering with Kraken at an age group where we don't have a team, and aren't directly involved with another team, would register at 25% discount from the stated membership fees. 2) Any player that coaches (not a volunteer and where there is availability and skill match) at least once a week would register at a 25% discount from the stated membership fees.

Normally fees include both membership and the seeding of your tournament account for all forms of competition including tournaments, league days and National Competitive League (NCL) fees. There is a high likelihood that competitions will be allowed for this upcoming season. Should competition occur, please be aware that you are also financially accountable for these costs. Note that personal cost of travel, accommodation, food and incidentals are not included in any fees collected.

Under normal circumstances, it is important to note that the fees for competition are an estimate only. Actual competition fees will vary with some families receiving a refund and others being required to pay additional costs depending on the number of competitions their athlete participates in. This includes playing up for an older team.

Refer to the Tournament account page for additional information on how tournament fees are managed.

Payment options:

We are adding the ability to pay membership fees via Interac Etransfer this year, and as per previous years, there are two payment options:
  • Payment in full (at time of registration) by cheque made out to KW Water Polo Club. Give the cheque to the team manager for that respective age group. Please indicate player name on the cheque. If you are paying the full amount via Interac Etransfer, send payment to [email protected].
  • Two equal payments on 15th of October and January. A VOID cheque, for automatic withdrawal from your account, must be provided either as an attachment in your electronic application, or sent to the Treasurer. Send an email to [email protected] for information on where to send your cheque. Please indicate player name on the cheque. You also have the option to E-transfer to [email protected] on the 15th of October and January.
  • Refer to the Fee Assistance page if required.

In addition, members must fulfill their Bingo commitment as outlined on the
Bingo page.

Registration - Deadline is Midnight, September 30, 2023

Registrations may be accepted after October 1st, but for liability reasons, members of the 2023-2024 season and new members cannot attend sessions until your registration has been completed and accepted.

Athletes, Coaches and Referees are all required to register.

Before registering, new members need to be evaluated in a tryout session.

Once you have registered, head on over to our Kraken Apparel Pop Up Store. You can order the free t-shirt, included in your registration fee for your athlete, as well as order other nifty Kraken swag.

To register, follow these steps:

1. Athletes and Coaches register online with KW Water Polo

2. Athletes, Coaches and Referees must complete the registration by following the link to http://KWKraken.rampregistrations.com.
Login to your RAMP account and select the correct registration option for your primary role - Participant for athletes and Coach/staff for coaches. Continue through the steps. Select Introduction for 9U and the Provincial division for all other levels. If you have any questions email [email protected] .

3. Provide a $500 post dated cheque for each athlete for bingo commitment, and complete any other payments required. Due to the significant time already invested by these volunteers, Board members, parent coaches, team managers and Bingo captain(s) are not required to volunteer for Bingo sessions.

4. Keep your eyes peeled for an update on our Kraken store availability! As part of registration, you will get a code to order a Tshirt for your player at no cost, and there will be other Kraken merchandise for purchase.