Team Gear (K-W Water Polo)

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Team Gear

Due to the cost and resources needed to maintain an ongoing store, the
Kraken store is not available year round.

Team gear and spirit wear merchandise is available via our online store
during Registration (yearly in September). Please see our registration
page for the link to our store.

Merchandise typically available includes t-shirts, hoodies, hats, bags
and Kraken swimsuits.

We have previously coordinated swim parka purchases through LY Sports,
and they have our logo for embroidery if you wanted to purchase items
outside of our store. There is an additional setup cost for one-time

If your player is part of our competitive programming, they are required
to have either a Kraken or a black swimsuit for games and tournaments.
Kraken suits are available via our online store in September. Black
swimsuits are available via many vendors. You are able to source what
works for you and your player but some suggestions include:

Swim outlet (women's):

Swim Outlet (men's):

LY Sports: