Mission & Vision (K-W Water Polo)

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The KW Water Polo Club values the pursuit of excellence through personal development and teamwork.  We encourage responsible and ethical behavior both in and out of the pool.  We teach leadership, strength of character and sportsmanship.  We will create a positive team culture through strong athletic participation that will develop important character traits and values that will serve our youth a lifetime. Within our competitive sport, we will promote a fun and all inclusive friendly environment where our athletes will forever benefit from special memories and friendships.


-Create a healthy, safe and fun team environment for our athletes
-Teach respect for one's opponents; acceptance of victory with humility, and acknowledgement of defeat with grace
-Develop each player to their full potential by teaching individual skills, rules, and team strategy
-Encourage respect among team mates and the value and benefits of team work
-Model and teach competitiveness with an emphasis on good sportsmanship 
-Promote increased self-esteem of our  players  and provide them the opportunity to realize the level of personal achievement in the sport that their determination and ability allow them to attain.
-Facilitate, organize and operate Water Polo competitions at multiple age levels to help promote the sport within the Province of Ontario.