Refund and Fee Adjustment Guidelines (K-W Water Polo)

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Refund and Fee Adjustments Guideline

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The assumption we make as an organization is that people choose to join the KW Water Polo club because they have a strong interest in the sport, and a desire to develop their skill over time and to be a part of our community. We also believe that they understand that when they register, they are not only making a commitment to their team mates. They are aware that they are making a financial commitment to the club and agreeing to pay all required fees for the full season. Not just the period of time that they participate.

In the case of an injury, coaches, pool rentals, equipment, etc. all have to be paid for, regardless of whether a member can enter the water or not. Even if the athlete is injured for an extended period of time, they would be expected to be interested enough to continue to connect with and support their team mates, to listen to the coach and observe and learn the skills being taught so they can put it into practice at a later time.


The following outlines situations where the Board may consider a refund: 
  • Withdrawal within 10 days of the date that the club received a member’s original registration, either during the Early Bird or Fall Registration: 100% refund of annual membership commitment or deposit made
  • Withdrawal more than 10 days after an Early Bird Registration, but before the season begins as marked by the official Fall registration date: Per athlete penalty of 20% of annual membership commitment
  • Withdrawal by a new member within the first five (5) weeks following the official Fall registration date: Per athlete penalty of 20% of annual membership commitment plus any competitive expenses incurred to date must be paid in full
For any other withdrawals to warrant a refund, they must be due to an extreme circumstance that is recognized by the Board. A refund of the annual membership commitment is not guaranteed. Competitive fees are forfeit. 

Fee Adjustments

As a general rule, the membership fee will not be prorated based upon an athletes specific circumstances. There are far too many special circumstances which could result in many unique payment schemes if we were to entertain this and it would be difficult to manage the club in a fiscally responsible manner.

  • Late registrations are discouraged as athletes need time to build their skill and fitness and develop rapport with their team mates and coaches. No fee adjustments will be made for a late registration.
  • A decision to not attend all practices is a personal decision. No fee adjustments will be made as a result of an athletes desired attendance as the costs remain the same whether they choose to be there or not.