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Each time you attend a KW Water Polo practice, a COVID Declaration must be completed by every person attending. It must be completed at least one hour before, and on the day of, the practice that the participant plans to attend. The form must also be completed for each individual accompanying the athlete to the pool. It allows us to ensure that everyone is healthy and safe, and to contact tracing if there is a positive case.

Here is the link: 

Until you are a registered member, you must complete a Try It Out Registration and Waiver Form. This covers your athlete under Water Polo Canada's liability insurance. It needs to be completed for each athlete, one time only.

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  • Please arrive at the pool with your bathing suit on under clothing to minimize changing time in an enclosed area.
  • If necessary, parents are able to assist their athlete with changing, but once out on the deck, they are asked to leave the changing area and to not remain indoors.
  • Due to COVID regulations, during pool times, parents must exit the facility.
  • The coaches will take over the responsibility of athletes from here.
  • This is a City of Kitchener regulation in place currently, and as such has to be observed by KW Water Polo.
  • As time goes on we will do our best to work towards parents being able to view practices from the gallery with social distancing in effect.


The following is a statement from the Regional Indoor Recreation Committee...

Service Levels for Phase 3 Opening of Facilities Will be Unique to Each Municipality and Township

As the Region of Waterloo’s municipalities and townships strive to meet patrons needs and expectations, it is essential that all customers, including organized leagues understand that every facility cannot deliver the same level of service provision at the same time. Building design, construction materials, HVAC/R systems, entry and egress, staffing levels, as well as the financial resources available will all differ. Municipalities and townships are working together, coordinating and collaborating to ensure we are on the same path while considering our unique facilities and circumstances. Our common goal is the use of recreation infrastructure to its maximum capability as safely and responsibly as possible across the region. Please continue to work with us as we work towards our goal. Thank you for your ongoing patience.

Communication from the Commissioner of Community Services for the City of Waterloo – Mark Dykstra

Sincere thanks extend to all our affiliated organizations for re-introducing opportunities to our community during these challenging times.  Your efforts in establishing  Return to Sport and other protocols, as well as your support of provincial regulations and facility protocols is much appreciated.


More recently, there have been a few instances, observations from staff, and some parents, that physical distancing has not been maintained in both indoor and outdoor environments.  The City also received a notice from the Region of Waterloo Licensing and Enforcement Services, advising of the issue, based on a complaint they received.


As a follow up to the communication some of you may have received just recently, in an effort to improve, the City where possible, will be enhancing reminders to our patrons and leveraging social media campaigns to further assist   Your support in reaching out via your networks to your coaches, players and parents and reaffirming the protocols will go a long way to assist.


Quite simply, we want to ensure we are all well positioned to provide programs moving forward and not have to revert to more restrictive protocols.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Mark Dykstra

Commissioner, Community Services

City of Waterloo

[email protected]

The following is our club's Return to Play Plan

KW Water Polo Club Return to Play COVID-19 Policy, Sept 2020 Updated September 15, 2020 General Procedures:

1. The number of participants per practice will be determined by and in accordance with the guidance provided by the City of Kitchener and their facilities. Currently we are using for a 20 M pool 24 athletes:2 lifeguards

2. In accordance with the Water Polo Canada’s 2M physical-distancing rules, no physical contact or scrimmage will be permitted. Swimming, individual ball handling, and shooting skills will be the primary focus of practices in the first two weeks after returning. After two weeks upon approval, physically distanced passing drills, shooting drills into empty nets, and skill specific stations will be utilized to increase athlete development and engagement. We will continue with no full contact/defending drills, wrestling, or scrimmaging of any sort. Only specific designated coaches will be responsible for set-up and tear down of all equipment, and it must be disinfected before and after each pool time. This includes all nets and balls.

3. The number and timing of weekly practices and the number of practices a participant can attend are all subject to change as we continue to advocate for more pool time at different facilities and we confirm the actual number of participants.

Important COVID-19 rules that MUST be followed by everyone:

All communications to KW Water Polo related to the Water Polo must be sent via email to [email protected]

  • If the self-assessment results indicate that the participant should self-isolate and/or be tested for COVID-19:

  • The participant MUST (1) immediately notify the KW Water Polo of the self-assessment results, (2) stay home, and (3) follow the instructions of the self-assessment results.

  • If the participant is tested for COVID-19, the participant must notify KW Water Polo of the test results ASAP.

    • If the test result is positive, the participant must notify KW Water Polo once their case is deemed resolved by local health authorities.

    • If the test result is negative, the participant must notify KW Water Polo once all their symptoms have disappeared.

  • The participant will only be allowed to resume training once their return has been permitted by KW Water Polo and the relevant local public health authorities.

  • Participants can only attend those practices for which they have been confirmed.

  • Participants must arrive at the pool facility at the prescribed time, must respect the 2m self-distancing rule, and comply with City of Kitchener safety guidelines AT ALL TIMES.

  • Parents may enter the pool to spectate if the facility rules allow.

  • Participants should shower at home prior to practice and upon returning home.

  • Participants should arrive on the pool deck with their swimsuit on (no access to change rooms).

  • Participants must sanitize their hands at the hand-sanitizer station upon arrival at the pool.

  • Participants are to leave their belongings at the designated zone (indicated by facility staff) on the pool deck, all the while respecting the 2m self-distancing rule.

  • Participants must bring their own clearly labeled water bottle (filled).

  • Participants must not share or lend any of their personal items.

  • Upon arrival at the pool, each participant MUST report to their coach and verbally confirm that they submitted the results of their self-assessment via email prior to the practice and that they are fit to join the practice.

  • Any KW Water Polo coaching staff or Board members have the authority to deny access to a participant if they believe a participant represents an unusual COVID-19 risk to the other participants (e.g. exhibiting a COVID-19 symptom, lack of attention paid to the 2m distancing rule, etc.)

Please see below for a list of requirements for each pool we are practicing at:

Wilfrid Laurier University Pool
  1. All coaches/volunteers/athletes entering must be double-vaccinated.   The only exception is athletes born in 2010 or later, because the vaccine is not yet available to them. People who turn 12 this year are eligible to receive the vaccine now. 
  2. All athletes under 18 who are not vaccinated, will not be granted access to WLU and will have to sit out those pool times in our weekly schedule or until their double-vaccination status changes.  
  3. Parents and guardians are not permitted entry to the facility.
Waterloo Recreational Centre Pool

Effective today March 1, 2022, the province is moving into Step 4 – Roadmap Exit Step of the province’s “Reopening Ontario A Flexible Response to COVID-19 Act”. As a result of this move, the following changes will occur:


·         Proof of vaccination is no longer required for entry into recreation facilities

·         Athletes and coaches must self pre-screen by completing the COVID declaration: 

·         Masks are to be worn by everyone inside the facility with the exception of while participating in sport. 

·         Food and beverage will be permitted within the facility. Food services will gradually re-open.

·         All facility entrances will be open.


Customers are asked to continue to follow Public Health advice by washing and sanitizing hands, maintaining physical distance when possible, and being respectful of one another as we move into this exit step.

Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute Pool


The City of Kitchener will be following the changes the Ontario government has made that are in effect on March 1st, 2022.


We will no longer require Proof of Vaccination beginning March 1, 2022.  Athletes are asked to self-screen at home prior to training 

Athletes and coaches will still enter the pool through their designated door and head to the change rooms to get ready for their rental.  The door will still be open 15 min before practice begins.


Participants are encouraged to use the change rooms so that there are fewer personal belongings on the pool deck.


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