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Updated for season: 2020 - 2021

Disclaimer: This page contains information which may not accurately represent what occurs throughout the season. Adjustments may be required as we react to the changing COVID-19 pandemic situation, and work to adhere to the associated health directives we must follow.

Our goal is to complete the registration process electronically this year. If in-person registration is set up, an all members email will be sent and this page will be updated. Contact our Registrar with questions by emailing [email protected].

9U & 11U - Fun and Fit Water Polo

You can register for this program on the City of Kitchener's ACTIVE Net! page, or in person at Breithaupt Centre.

There are separate Fall, Winter and Spring  sessions which run on Saturday mornings. Try a session and see if you like it. For more information email [email protected].

13U to 19U - Fees for Competitive Programs


Team Membership Tournament
Lump Sum
Monthly (8)
13U Co-ed $1195   $1195 $150
15U, 17U, 19U $1995   $1995 $250
*final payment will be adjusted as necessary

Normally fees include both membership and the seeding of your tournament account for all forms of competition including tournaments, league days and National Competitive League (NCL) fees. There is a high likelihood that competition will remain on hold for a large portion of the season due to Covid-19 restrictions. Should competition occur, please be aware that you are also financially accountable for these costs. Note that personal cost of travel, accommodation, food and incidentals are not included in any fees collected.

Under normal circumstances, it is important to note that the fees for competition are an estimate only. Actual competition fees will vary with some families receiving a refund and others being required to pay additional costs depending on the number of competitions their athlete participates in. This includes playing up for an older team.

Refer to the Tournament account page for additional information on how tournament fees are managed.

Payment options:
  • Payment in full by cheque made out to KW Water Polo Club. Send an email to [email protected] for information on where to send your cheque. Please indicate player name on the cheque.
  • Installment payments made on the 15th of each month for 8 months, October to May. A VOID cheque must be provided either as an attachment in your electronic application, or sent to the Treasurer. Send an email to [email protected] for information on where to send your cheque. Please indicate player name on the cheque.
  • Interac eTransfer can be arranged by contacting the Treasurer. Send an email to [email protected] for more information on how to take advantage of this option.
  • Refer to the Fee Assistance page if required.

In addition, members must fulfill their Bingo commitment as outlined on the
Bingo page.


Athletes, Coaches and Referees are all required to register.

Before registering, new members need to be evaluated in a tryout session.


Follow these steps:

1. Athletes and Coaches register online with KW Water Polo

2. Athletes, Coaches and Referees must complete the Water Polo Canada consent form online.

3. Athletes, Coaches and Referees must complete the the Concussion Code of Conduct for each of their roles:

Note: When prompted to enter club on the following form(s), please enter KW Water Polo

4. Provide a $500 post dated cheque for each athlete for bingo commitment, and complete any other payments required.